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Nails For Beakfast And Tacks For Snacks

Dreams Of Suicidal Insomniacs

The Lamest Of The Lame
4 January
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"Serenity isn't freedom from the storm,
but peace within the storm." --Unknown

"Work like you don't need the money...
Love like you've never been hurt...
Dance Like Nobody's Watching..." --Satchel Paige

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I'm Jacqui. I'm 24.

I live in basingstoke, Hants, UK. I'm really quite a boring person. i post too many lyrics and quizzes.
My main love in my life is Music. Without music I'd be even more boring, if that's possible. I'm fairly opinionated, thought i do always try to look at both sides of a situation.

I always believe i'll fail at things, that way it's not such a big dissapointment when I do fail. if i don't fail it's a good confidence booster.

My family is fantastic. I have much love and respect for my parents. I get on OK with my sisters, and i manage to get my Nephew laughing just by looking at him most of the time.

I'm easily amused. I also do a lot of crafts. at the moment my obsession is knitting.

I suffer from depression so a lot of my entries are doom and gloom. If you're still interested in adding me, feel free. Drop me a comment and i'll add you back. the majority of my posts are friends only, every now and then i make a public post.

If I know you IRL and stumble across this journal, please respect my right to privacy and secrecy.

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